Sun Sailor Article

Name: Tim Connelly

Address: 65 Birch Bluff Rd. Tonka Bay

Education: BA, Journalism, University of Washington; MA, Education, University of Puget Sound.

Occupation: Owner, Minnesota Cottages

Community involvement: Member, Lake Minnetonka-Excelsior Rotary Club; Support Group Mentor, TreeHouse; Ambassador, ShelterBox USA

Contact information:;

Questions for candidates (300 words total for your answers)

1. How do you propose the city balance new developments while preserving the original appeal of the community?

I am a Minnesota transplant. Having lived on both coasts, I truly appreciate how special is our little corner of the world in Tonka Bay, and won’t for one day take it for granted. I love coming home to our little city at the end of the day, to the lake, woods, wetlands and all kinds of wildlife. Preserving what we have while valuing progress and change for the better requires careful management and a holistic approach to the future of Tonka Bay, which marries preservation and development in balance with social, economic, environmental and cultural considerations. Stated plainly, new development must be approved and managed in a way that fits hand-in-glove with the culture and personality of the city today, and what we want to hand over to our children tomorrow. Development can be positive if always managed to purposely balance growth with long-term preservation of the physical and cultural aspects that make Tonka Bay special.

2. What do you consider the main issue that the city council should address?

In addition to managing future development while preserving the best aspects of the city, maintenance and upgrade of city infrastructure – particularly aging water pipes – is critical, as we’ve witnessed with several recent water main breaks. Additional issues near the top of my list include maintaining roads (always critically important in Minnesota); managing traffic in and (cutting through) the city, making livability and safety improvements to city parks and trails, and increasing recreational opportunities for residents of Tonka Bay.

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