Candidate Profile

If America is the greatest country in the world … and (who could argue?) Minnesota is the best state in the U.S. … and (there’s no question) Tonka Bay is the most magnificent little slice of Minnesota … well, then, we live in the greatest little city on earth.

Keeping it that way for future generations requires maintaining a delicate balance between individual interests and what’s best for the community. The goal is responsibly and proactively managing growth while maintaining our small town character.

For nearly 30 years, I worked as a Fortune 50 corporate communications professional, partnering with senior executives to strategize, simplify and solve complex strategic communication challenges.

Five years ago, I turned in my badge to focus on building and managing a family real estate portfolio, restoring neglected properties to create high-quality housing. I take pride in the fact that while working with officials from various municipalities, I have established and maintained strong relationships by always keeping in mind that while we may come at challenges from different points of view, we’re all doing our best to improve our neighborhoods and communities.

When not engaged in fixing up houses or working on my own, I am a volunteer fundraising ambassador for ShelterBox USA, an organization that provides temporary housing to people around the world displaced by disaster and conflict, and a teen mentor with TreeHouse. I am also a member in pretty good standing of the Lake Minnetonka-Excelsior (morning) Rotary Club.

I bring no agenda to this endeavor beyond a desire to see Tonka Bay remain a city its residents are ever and increasingly proud to call home. It would be my great honor to serve as a member of the Tonka Bay City Council, and I would very much appreciate your support on Nov. 3.

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