THANK YOU for your support, Tonka Bay!

In this era of hyper polarization, finger pointing and whataboutism, it’s more important than ever to realize the hopes and aspirations we share for ourselves and our families greatly outnumber the things we have to argue and fight about.

That’s especially true in local government. Here in Tonka Bay, we want to maintain the physical health and beauty of our environment, enjoy clean water, stroll safely along well-maintained city streets and make memories with our families and friends in city parks – and, of course, we want to pay just enough in city taxes to support the services and characteristics that make the greatest impact on our daily lives.

I bring no agenda to my campaign for Tonka Bay city council beyond a strong desire to maintain – and to improve when and where possible – our little corner of the world as an incredible place to live. I have been a school teacher and newspaper editor; for 20+ years a Fortune 50 communications leader; and I’m currently a small business owner. As a result, I have an ability to consider issues from a broad range of viewpoints. Some issues that we face in a small city have easy answers, while solutions for others are more difficult to come by. I believe any issue can be solved to the satisfaction of most by weighing competing positions and arguments against the Tonka Bay we want to leave for our children.

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 While building our family real estate investment business, I have taken great pride in the fact that while negotiating give and take with cities and towns, I have established and maintained positive working relationships with city officials and regulatory employees by always keeping in mind that while we may come at issues from different points of view, we’re all doing our best to make our neighborhoods and communities better, safer, stronger. Achieving that end requires that all sides listen for understanding and remain open minded about potential solutions.

That’s the spirit of healthy, effective collaboration toward achieving common goals I promise to bring to the Tonka Bay City Council, where the positive needs of my city and fellow Tonka Bay residents will always come first.

I would very much appreciate your support on November 3.