I would like your support on Nov. 3

For nearly 30 years, I worked as a Fortune 50 corporate communications professional, partnering with executives to simplify and solve complex communication challenges.

During the past five years, as I have focused exclusively on building and managing our family real estate portfolio, I have worked collaboratively with a variety of departments in Minnesota cities and towns, navigating policies and regulations that don’t always align perfectly with real world situations. One minor example: An inspector once determined a hand-crafted banister from the 1920s needed to be replaced because it was an inch and a half too short. I worked with the building safety department to keep the banister and make changes elsewhere to achieve the intended objective.

Working closely with others to achieve sensible solutions to challenges has been extremely rewarding, and I take great pride in the fact that while negotiating give and take with cities and towns, I have built and maintained positive working relationships with city officials and regulatory employees by always keeping in mind that while we may come at issues from different points of view, we’re all doing our best to make our neighborhoods and communities better, safer, stronger. Achieving that end requires that all sides listen for understanding and remain open minded about potential solutions.

That’s the spirit of healthy, effective collaboration toward achieving common goals I promise to bring to the Tonka Bay City Council, where the positive needs of my city and fellow Tonka Bay residents will always come first.

I would very much appreciate your support on November 3.